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Before we get started with today’s video, could you try and keep this one under 10 minutes? if I can do so, be sure to smash like that will be freaking also L yeah now obviously because the casino DLC has just come out that has been our basically a lot happening and the glitch community.

GTA 5 Money Generator Free Online

Now Rossio on every single video of posted people asking the zest work as that snow working post what can how can I make money now in today’s video I’m actually gonna tell you guys all the money glitches that are working and all the stuff that got patched and hopefully by the end of this video, you guys you know will have up a little bit more more information and what you already had.

Let’s start to talk about basically that as three what can money glitch is right now. I know of you guys can make money about now we’ll talk about them you know the end of the video. first of all, what we’re going to talk about as what has been patched.

Now basically an everything’s been patched that’s the only way put it. Don’t worry I won’t go through them I’ve got the last year. I’ve lightly liked them time so sorry. if I sound like I’m reading offer a left because I am reading most awful anyways the brand new West fee glitch. The casino the solo card application watch that dead get patched. That was the one where you were spawning next to your bed and you’re all glitched out. Remember you’ve come home so glad out that dead get past. I have removed the videos from my youtube channel you won’t see them on there that’s why they’re gone because it’s patched. I’m not too sure if I have a workaround for that. We’ll just need thinking to keep our ears and eyes peeled for that one. Though also all the fast farm car dips have been patched. I know there are some YouTubers out there. that seen yo this is the basically it’s working right now.

What basically happens is when you go down to the docks and you do the container part remember how you used to move the container out the way that has been patched. basically, that glitch does not work anymore. all the fast farm car dupes are patched that was ones that we used it because they’re the CEO Tara. You’re making a dupe every two or three minutes. that’s all patched no and also the two players give cows the friends that I had working for about seven months eight-month that eventually core patched. no, the part the actual renovating bet and say the bunker. that’s the works so there is potential for this glitch. the only thing that the parched about it was when you take the card and basically you don’t spawn and if a car okay you know how you would set on the Xbox store and your friend were driving with the card or the mid spawning with the car stays outside no okay but I was working on that a little bit it does still have potential. We’ll just need to figure it out.

now also the solo sails the three LEDs for nine hundred four thousand that has no parish. that’s a solo method the over slide happened right on the d-pad ash waldt pasture RC bandy or they actually patched that now so the the game no longer faints that that card in the mod shop as a bad deal so unfortunately we can’t do the solo glitch using the elegy now okay now also the the the 22 second god mode glitch that was I thought it was probably like a 12 second god mode glitch at the casino that dead get past this rail rocks that was wet to patch that.

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