bookmark_borderGTA 5 Online The Diamond Casino & Resort DLC Update

In today’s GTA 5 video, we are going to talk about some more details surrounding the Diamond Casino and Resort update. GTA 5 Money Hack Generator Online

Rockstar released a brand new newswire post today, which outlines the Diamond program. The program is going to be giving special rewards at the Diamond Casino and Resort.

On July 23rd, the Diamond Casino and Resort will open its doors and become the premier destination for entertainment and luxury living in Los Santos to celebrate the grand opening.

The Diamond program will take VIP membership status to a new level of self-importance with an assortment of perks and rewards. The velvet rope lifts starting July 23rd participate in the action before August 7th to take advantage of everything the Diamond program has to offer.

So, this is very similar to the guest list program that Rockstar did for the after-hours update. Now they did say that you need a VIP membership in order to participate in this.

We believe you will have to own a master penthouse in order to get involved. However, we will talk about all those details coming up

There is a handful of status levels. The first status level that Rockstar outlines is silver status.

They said acquiring a master penthouse or redeeming for free with Twitch Prime Grant’s Silver status in addition to the VIP membership that comes with the standard penthouse silver status members will receive the exclusive.